EMELIA D is a lively ready-to-wear brand founded in 2019 by Emelia Dorcas Mutombo when she was in her second year of fashion studies. When the COVID-19 pandemic started, the brand was terribly impacted and took a pause. After Emelia completed her studies with two fashion degrees and graduated in March 2022, she restarted her brand again.

EMELIA D brand is solely inspired by the dream of an African child, the astonishing African stories, and Congolese cultures. The brand was born from Emelia’s deep yearning to tell and share the unique stories, cultures, and textiles, of her home country, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Each EMELIA D collection offers and celebrates a rich African story, culture, and heritage. We focus on developing comfortable, elegant, and well-made garments embracing vibrant colours and prints that consistently attract and leave a smile on the faces of the men and women they are made for. 


Our mission is to have a brand that produces beautifully made garments that will bring our consumers joy, comfort, and confidence. We hope to achieve this through quality garments and vibrant colours to always bring smiles to people’s faces and create a fun identity.
We aim to create lifetime garments like our knitwear, use good materials, be sustainable, transparent with our production, and completely produce in South Africa and support the local and growing industry. 


Even though our brand had a long break and only restarted again, the brand has had a lot of media coverage.

Emelia D’s work was featured:
– and made the cover page for Moevir Magazine in Paris
– and made the cover page of I Am Ashanti
– and made the “True Colour” outtake campaign for Vogue Portugal and Glamour Magazine South Africa
– did Vogue Italia, Nataal Media, HUF Magazine, Bubblegum Mag, Okay Africa, and TWYG Mag
– shared my thesis research for an article for Daily Maverick publication on the La SAPE movement for their October

2020 issue.

Emelia D made:
– Top 10 finalists for the Allfashion Sourcing Young Designer
– Finalist for Truworths Client Range project
– Finalist for the Twyg Award 

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